Kathy Corey Pilates is one of the original founding companies of the Pilates Method. Devoted to quality education and the highest standards, Kathy Corey Pilates is recognized internationally as a leader in the Pilates community. Our teachers are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Joseph and Clara Pilates work and realize that the study of the work is a life long process.

Whether you are looking for a certification program, basic training, continuing education workshops, or a Pilates program at home, Kathy Corey Pilates can meet your needs. We specialize in personalized packages for every level of fitness. We believe in Pilates and will work with you to make you a believer too.


Founded in 1979, Kathy Corey Pilates is a leader in educating teachers in the art and science of Pilates. Kathy Corey Pilates Workshop and Certifying Teachers come to you with a minimum of 15 years of Pilates teaching experience. The sum total of this experience has created a program that is unsurpassed by any other. There is no substitute for experience.


Kathy Corey Pilates provides thorough, all-inclusive training programs for every stage of your training. From the thorough understanding of the basics of Pilates to certification and advanced training workshops, we offer a full range of educational packages. Our on site training at your studio offers a convenient and flexible program to suit your needs.


An outstanding performance—of anything—can take your breath away. There is something profound that captures you in the moment of a great performance. It is a focus, a correctness and at the same time an effortlessness, that goes beyond words. In that body, mind, spirit moment you are living the Pilates principles. This is the essence and beauty of Pilates and the philosophy of Kathy Corey Pilates.

Kathy Corey is a Master Teacher who began her career with the Pilates Technique in 1979. She has been a leading expert in the Pilates community for over 35 years and is the Director of Kathy Corey Pilates. The Kathy Corey Certification Program is taught at locations across the United States and her continuing education programs are taught in over twenty countries. In 2004, she designed the innovative CORE Band®, which is used in studios around the world. The CORE Band® Mat Class is recognized as an enhancement to the traditional mat exercises.

Since 2007, Kathy Corey has been a Chairperson of the IDEA Pilates Task Force as well as being on the Contributing Editor Board for IDEA Pilates Today and is considered and IDEA Expert. In 2007, she was selected by IDEA as one of ten people in the world "Who Inspire the World to Fitness," the fitness industry's highest form of recognition.

Mrs. Corey is a "Distinguished Instructor" for PilatesAnytime. PilatesAnytime.com is a global Pilates studio, created for people all over the world to explore Pilates with highly skilled, well-trained instructors.

In 2013, Kathy Corey received the first Plaque of Appreciation from Pilates in Asia for her outstanding performance and contribution to the growth of Pilates around the world.