Pilates C.A.R.E.S- Cancer Awareness and Recovery Exercise System

Pilates C.A.R.E.S.


State of the art Pilates programs for a variety of treatments and conditions to help people in their breast cancer recovery – in mind, body, and spirit

Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery

Evidence is growing every day to support the positive role of exercise or breast cancer patients and survivors.  Physical activity improves both function and mental well being.  These programs are designed to improve circulation, range of motion, increase lung capacity, muscle strength, and flexibility.  The exercises will also decrease fatigue, depression, and reduce the risk of lymphedema and blood clots. 


Mail: kathy@kathycoreypilates.com  for details and pricing

Pilates C.A.R.E.S. Certification Program

Matwork Program I

This 2 day program includes a 3 phase matwork program, and covers medical recommendations, exercise guidelines, benefits of exercise, how Pilates addresses concerns specific to breast cancer, history of Pilates and breast cancer, testing and certification licensing.

Matwork Program I Exercise Program

Phase 1

These gentle movements help your quality of movement and improve daily function.

Phase 2

Focuses on adding more resistance training as well as increasing range of motion.

Phase 3

Strengthening exercises are added to work both sides of the body evenly.

Prerequisites:  Certified Matwork Teachers

Additional Pilates C.A.R.E.S Programs for Continuing Education

Matwork Program II

These next three phases also improve circulation, increase range of motion, lung capacity, muscle strength, and flexibility.  This program is a transition from rehabilitative exercises into the Pilates Mat class. 

Equipment Programs

In 1955, Joseph Pilates developed a rehabilitation program for Eve Gentry who had undergone a radical mastectomy.  These equipment programs for the Reformer, Spine Corrector and Ped –i-pul are based on the exercises he designed for Eve’s recovery.

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Filming courses @ Pilates Anytime is receiving positive feedback!

Kathy Corey and Michael King have web courses up and ready for viewing at the Pilates Anytime Website for your enjoyment.

Some of the feedback that has been posted recently:

Cindy in Vermont wrote: " I love this online studio and it is perfect for me as I live in an area where there are no Pilates studios around! THANK YOU for constantly adding new classes. And the new oceanfront view is lovely- especially for someone in Vermont! The instructors are top notch- keep up the good work!"

T wrote: "Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your website. I am a Stot-Certified pilates instructor and have enjoyed learning from you videos. Currently, I live in Logan Utah and own a pilates studio. The cueing that I have learned in the videos have improved my teaching immensely. My students have been able to take those cues and create a better body awareness. They are feeling and loving the results! I know I have only been a member of your website for a month now, but I look forward to learning much more!"

Bonnie wrote: "I'm loving all the classes. What a unique idea and wonderful, quality teaching! Good classes are hard to find in our area and most are not suitable for those of us who are teachers. Finally I've found a way to re-fuel myself from my own teaching as well as to infuse my teaching with new ideas."

To learn more visit the Pilates Anytime website at : http://www.pilatesanytime.com/

New Certificates

Our name change reflects our growth as a company and continues to validate your training with our program. New certificates, with the new name will be available Spring 2010. Please email us if you would like one.

New Continuing Education Credits Policy-

In keeping with national protocols we will require Continuing Education so that you will remain current with industry standards. Starting in 2010, 12 Continuing Education Credits will be required every 2 years in order to keep your Kathy Corey Pilates certificate valid. 6 hours of credit must be with workshops taught by Kathy Corey or a Certified Kathy Corey Pilates Instructor and 6 hours of credit may be from Kathy Corey Pilates approved Continuing Education Credit workshops.

Approved Courses include:

Pilates Method Alliance

Inner IDEA

Pilates Round Table

Pilates on Tour

Contact us for approved of individual workshops not listed.

We are pleased to have you as a valuable part of our expansion. We know you are dedicated to the work and appreciate your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.